The Freelance Epi Podcast

What does a freelance epidemiologist do in a pandemic? A bit of everything, and nearly all of it volunteer, including taking calls from families, helping them compute quarantine and isolation dates, and developing intensive protocols for a youth ice hockey team.

On the professional side of life, I am researching and writing scoping reviews, fact-checking for medical editors, developmental editing manuscripts prior to submission, analyzing mental health visit trends, proofing standard operating procedures, researching device development questions, and helping write a book on leadership!

Like you, my professional and personal life have become more intertwined. Previously, I preferred to remain very private and avoided the public space. Many aspects of the pandemic have induced me to be more open about what I do, and more comfortable with reaching out. I hope that these research rabbit holes and reflections are a welcome diversion while you’re doing other tasks, or maybe while you’re commuting or walking. I have benefited so much from experts sharing their knowledge, and am very grateful for their efforts to produce podcasts of great value.

Professional curiosity drives me to read, think, and work toward a more positive outlook. I care deeply about the profession of public health, and am wrestling with how we can better connect with people to encourage the adoption of new habits. Thank you for sharing in this journey. I promise, I’ll get better at this!

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