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This year, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your work more? In addition to being productive, let’s have a little fun.

As a science communicator for more than 15 years, I know this is possible. I would like to help make research and writing more efficient AND more fun! Initially, I used my training in epidemiology to manage health promotion programs and evaluate quality improvement interventions. After drafting an original research manuscript, my mentor and coauthor suggested I consider supporting other researchers as a medical writer. I am thankful for that guidance because it allowed me to continue working as a freelancer throughout many moves within the US and overseas. Editing pre-submission manuscripts allows me to better understand current public health concerns through the eyes of researchers in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, Estonia, Japan and the US.

My attempt to describe what I do in 1 minute or less. Epic fail! My work is too fun, LOL!

Although I love running bivariate analyses or regression models any chance I get…I’m a researcher and communicator first and foremost. I want to help you develop your paper, fact-check your drafts, and present your findings in a way that persuades your audience, whether in print or podcast.

The pandemic has opened new doors for science communicators. Podcasts help the listener learn while multitasking. And in this time of solitude, the human voice adds depth to scientific information.

Profile: Analyst with outcomes research experience in both healthcare and education. Founder, CEO and sole proprietor of Artemis Biomedical Communications, LLC, a consultancy specializing in research, data analysis, and technical writing. Currently serving as volunteer Epidemiologist and COVID Liaison to
develop and communicate pandemic safety protocols for a non-profit youth ice hockey organization. Editor for more than 400 research manuscripts published in high impact factor, peer-reviewed journals. Professional experience prior to Artemis includes earning a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology, an Advanced Certificate in Scientific and Technical Writing, and serving as preventive health program manager for Kaiser Permanente, and public sector vaccine sales manager for the Merck Vaccine Division.

Artemis Biomedical Communications LLC was founded in August 2005. Since that time, I have edited over 400 manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. I have also had the privilege to coauthor several papers and edit a book on preconception health.

If you would like to set up a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your research or writing project, please email me!

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