The backstory + what I think about lockdowns

In this longer audible bio, I share how I got started as an epidemiologist and medical writer. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and a great opportunity to thank my mentors and managers who believed in me as a young person fresh out of grad school. I’ve known them for 20 years, and still turn to them when I need a confidence boost or fresh direction. 

My career has been very diverse. I was one of the few public health professionals who wanted to work for a non-profit HMO instead of going directly into a public health agency. After managing preventive health programs and publishing an original research article, I moved into vaccine sales and saw the frontlines of healthcare delivery in the Northeast. When I married a Navy Officer and started moving from coast to coast, then Hawaii and overseas to Japan, I needed a portable career. We just moved to Virginia Beach with our two teen boys after spending four incredible years in Japan.

Being a medical writer has offered me a professional path and connections with people doing important public health work around the world. In this episode, I describe how I use my training in epidemiology as a writing and research consultant, how I invest myself on the front lines as a volunteer epidemiologist, and some of the ideas I’m wrestling with from the policy sidelines. Thanks for taking a listen to this first episode!

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