Photo courtesy Khaled Sulaiman

Sunrise from Kitadake

Halfway up Kitadake, Japan's second highest peak, we met a group of hikers on their way down, resting at a mountain hut. We struck up a conversation in Japanese, then realized all of them were Syrian. This is their sunrise, a nice reward after a cold night camping in the rain. We exchanged emails, unable to connect in any other way without cell signal at the hut. Our ridgeline views that evening and the next morning we were entirely socked in. On our way home, I received an email from Khaled with the views we missed by 24 hours.


Epidemiologist and medical writer

Ben at face-off in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan, during a summer invitational tournament. What an experience. 5 days with a prefecture-wide select team, staying together in a ryokan, being told to eat every last grain of rice, no sodas (only tea!) from the vending machine…Such a work ethic and such an incredible time competing against the nation’s best hockey players – Hokkaido has the perfect combination of space, cold and time. There are not as many distractions as metro Tokyo. The kids are passionate everywhere in Japan, but this place holds a special torch for hockey. … Continue readingEpidemiologist and medical writer

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